Hi, I'm Hanna

I coach from experience.

Over thirty years’ international, aerospace, corporate, entrepreneurship, mentoring and coaching experience across Europe, the Middle East, the USA and throughout Asia.


There is a magical moment, a spark, that happens when a client moves from not being sure how to do something to succeeding, and wanting more.

Being the fulcrum that enables that spark for my clients is my passion.

When I'm in a client facing role, time disappears. I am completely absorbed in the moment and everything moves in a state of Flow. I've been doing this in one form or another since I was 13 years old.

Since then I've gained over 30 years' experience coaching, mentoring and teaching in various settings, including as a professional action sports instructor, at-risk youth mentor, mentor leader, entrepreneur, corporate executive, life coach, and University lecturer.

Along the way I’ve also distilled the best of attention neuroscience training developed at Google with leadership know-how from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.

I’ve combined that with a host of other certifications across enormously varied disciplines - all to support you. I put all of this experience to use when I work with my clients on their goals and aspirations.

Yes, it's a lot.

And there's so much more:


I elevate my clients from executing well to a state of exceptional performance. 

I've  worked at early stage startups, publicly traded companies, for two space billionaires and with customers ranging from the United Nations, many nations’ governments, small private companies to large multinational conglomerates.

I've convinced CEOs to hire me over dinner and been chosen as a rainmaker by other CEOs in turn. I’ve closed nine-figure contracts and worked with early-stage startups.

In my corporate career I've held senior roles in Operations, Product Management, Sales and Business Development.


While my education and professional achievements tell a story, they are not the whole story.

I am the woman who taught Latin American millionaires' families to ski, mapped unchartered dive sites in the Straits of Hormuz, surfed virgin breaks off the coast of Africa and raced motorcycles against men at triple-digit miles per hour.

I have moved multiple times across the planet in pursuit of interesting work. I've deliberately taken the job I was least qualified for to ensure I learned more. And the job that scared me the most, for the same reason.

I am comfortable with risk and change, big and small. This doesn't mean I will insist my clients do the same things; only that they trust I'm still alive after doing them and don't regret a single one. 


I have spent the majority of my professional life being the only woman or the only Caucasian person in the room. 

Often I was both of these at the same time, and often where English is not the primary language.

I have experienced discrimination and have taken Governments to court over discriminatory policies and won.

I have also spent a considerable portion of my working life looking at Earth from above, experiencing what the astronauts refer to as "The Overview Effect": the feeling of a common humanity where the only line that matters is the thin blue line of the atmosphere.

I draw attention to these experiences because they have shaped me in ways that positively affect my working partnerships with my clients.

Intellect AND Intuition:

I am a scientist by training, willingly read science papers, and appreciate the rigor of physics and engineering. My coaching and training use scientifically-proven methodologies. Yet I also understand there are things science can’t yet explain. I have a deep reverence for ancient traditions that have stood the test of millennia. I sense and test with my gut as well as with my brain. I utilize various states of attention to get results. I meditate and practice breath work. My corner office contains rocks gathered on my travels. I burn sage.

You don't have to do any of these things to work with me.


My hard "No":

However, if you believe you can manifest a rocket into orbit, that vaccinations or climate change are a hoax, that any “race” is somehow inherently superior, that it's OK to treat people as cash piñatas or that a belief system justifies violence I strongly suggest you leave this page. We will not be working together.

Want me in your corner?

I'll be your cheerleader, truth-teller and confidante.




I believe everyone has a talent, whether they've found it yet or not.

I believe kindness and curiosity lead to a well-lived life.

I believe all desire, and need to, live a meaningful and engaging life. 

I believe our oceans are the key to our planet's survival and as such we must protect them.

I believe women are born leaders.

I believe humanity will become a multi-planetary species within our lifetime, and for that to be successful we must improve our ability to communicate and interact positively with each other.

These are all drivers - causes, bigger than me - for the work I do. 


With EVA Strategies I stand with the Black Lives Matter movement, and welcome LGBTQIA, Black, Indigenous, People of Color and gender non-binary human beings to my programs. EVA Strategies is pledged to build as an Anti-Racist business.

I have a zero tolerance policy for discrimination and hate speech and will immediately eject any individual who violates this policy. 

I understand that climate change is real and an existential threat to all of humanity within my lifetime. I support ocean conservation through Beneath The Waves and Sea Shepherd, and reforestation, carbon sequestration and elimination of generational poverty through Trees For The Future.

EVA is a nod to my aerospace and oceanography background, a reference to Wall-E's object of desire and a reminder to *not* keep arms and legs in the vehicle at all times.