Hi, I'm Hanna.

What's happening for you?

A shift to or from entrepreneurship? A corporate raise or title upgrade? Bigger responsibilities? Building a cohesive, peak performance, powerhouse team? International clients? Work on the other side of the planet?  

Has change got your shoulders up by your ears and your breathing super shallow? Not sure which way is up?


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Do you wish you had moment to breathe and truly process the change?

Do you sometimes feel you need help navigating this new place you’ve arrived at?

If you've experienced a work-life change, up-levelled in your career, or exited a business or corporate life I'm here to help you get your bearings despite the cognitive overload, learn to navigate your new surroundings and regain your north star. With some ease, grace and joy thrown in for good measure. 

I'll be your truth-teller, cheerleader and confidante.

Because while change is constant, struggle is optional.

My Clients Get Results

What clients say about working with me:

"I was looking for a way to improve my balance and focus. I always found the way Hanna steered the conversation to be valuable and considered. Restructuring my day has allowed me to deliver as well as fire fight. I now feel calm and in control."

Ben Scott-Robinson
CEO, Small Robot Company, Business Leader’s Top 30 UK Entrepreneur, GB Entrepreneur Award - Disruption Winner

"I was successfully exiting one business and starting a new position in a corporate environment. So much change in so little time was a lot to take in and I needed to recalibrate who I was all over again. After a session I always have direction and clarity. I feel calm and focused and know what I need to do next, which is very comforting. Letting some walls down has allowed me to see my life and my decisions with significantly more clarity and increased my peace of mind."

Danielle Leighton
Founder & CEO, Entrepreneur, Expert, and Consultant in the Energy Sector

"I was feeling overwhelmed with being crazy busy and dealing with impostor syndrome. Hanna’s advice is based on science, logic and reason not just fluffy mumbo jumbo. Hanna’s stress managing tools are simple and easy to implement but very effective and portable. I can prevent the feeling of being overwhelmed getting out of control like it used to. I feel empowered. I have gained back my confidence and belief in myself."

Catherine Pratt
COO, Small Robot Company

"Hanna asks questions in such a way that not just doors but whole worlds open up. Struggling and stuckness felt lonely and frustrating. I know how much potential I have. I’ve got no shortage of ideas but I can go in circles starting new projects and abandoning others when they get complicated. Hanna was able to help me see my delay tactics, the ways I question and distract myself and she showed me how to orient myself to a vision of my future self that makes me want to sing and dance. I’ve got a deadline for my book proposal that is real and about to be met. And a plan to finish my book by June, which I hadn’t thought possible until Hanna questioned my doubts."

Sue Jaye Johnson
Writer, Activist, Film Producer, TEDx Speaker

Feedback gathered through independent third party assessments:

91% say they feel more confident having difficult conversations

Whether at the office, at home, or in between, our clients' new skills enable them to see multiple perspectives so that they can skillfully navigate to positive outcomes with authority, grace and ease.

84% say they bounce back faster from a setback

Growing in resilience, strategic thinking and adaptability, our clients see opportunities where others only see obstacles - so they can recover quickly and lead with confidence.

92% say they remain calmer in stressful situations

Improved self awareness and self management allow our clients to stay steady in the face of oncoming storms so that they can make good decisions under pressure and enjoy their work.

Find Your Right Way Up

Connect with me today to navigate your transformation with ease, grace and your end goals in sight.


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