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The Bilionaire Space Race Isn't

52 years after the Moon landings we are at another inflection point: space is more accessible than ever. Here's why it's not a "billionaire space race" and why that matters.


Change Is Constant, Struggle Is Optional

Nothing stays the same. Change, like death and taxes, is guaranteed. Struggling against change, however, is optional.


Landscapes, Shifting: A Memory From Africa

Eyes wide I stared at the mothers and children, bodies glistening in the sun, their nakedness unabashed as they stared back at me.

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On Time Scarcity: Letting The Mud Settle

“Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles and the water is clear?”
- Lao Tzu

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Lessons From The Front Lines: Adventures In International Sales

Before my good girl conditioning could kick in, I responded: "I'm not your secretary, go make the copies yourself."

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Why Black Lives Matter to Me

Have you spent a significant portion of your private and professional life being the ONLY person of your race and gender in the room? I have. It really is perspective-changing.

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Controlling Trajectories: Calibrating Internal Guidance Systems

In addition to non-verbal communication, our bodies carry and communicate a great deal of information.

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The Science Behind How I Work

Embodied leadership is the key, and almost without realizing it I’ve aligned all of my training over the last 10 years along this principle.

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"I've got you!" 

When's the last time someone in your professional life said "I've got you" and you knew they meant it? For many — women, especially — the answer to that question is “never.” And yet, we can all imagine how good that would feel.

– Hanna Steplewska


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