Not All Rules Are Created Equal

Let’s grab some crayons and smear all over the lines today.

Some “rules” are just begging to be broken.

Let's be clear here: I’m not talking about moral rules – the don’t murder people, don’t be an asshole, don’t steal stuff, don’t screw people over, don’t cheat on your partner type rules. Those I abide by.

Basically, I strive to be a good human being, and I expect my clients to do the same.

Some rules? Oh they just stink.

Women, and especially women leaders, are all too familiar with these.

The impossibly...

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Elephant? What Elephant?

Yes there’s an elephant in the room, and it’s called “Compassionate Management Is Weak.”

Often when I talk about compassionate management in professional settings someone raises the concern that a compassionate leader is, or can be seen as, weak or vulnerable.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Compassion demands bravery in the face of difficulty and being resolute in the face of challenges. Compassion is not for the faint of heart - rather, it demands that we are lionhearted.

Compassion connects us with our fellow human beings.


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How to Raise Perspective and Extend Thinking

Survival of the species brings everything into focus.

A recent post on LinkedIn opened my perspective on the pandemic, climate change, space travel and humanity becoming a multi-planetary species to such an extent that I can honestly say that the axis of how I think about everything I teach and how I coach has shifted.

The author, Moribah Jah, happens to be the Associate Professor, Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, Mrs. Pearlie Dashiell Henderson Centennial Fellowship in Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin.

Just this past week Prof. Jah...

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Self-awareness doesn’t always begin with meditation. Mine began with drowning.

I was 100 feet underwater in the Straits of Hormuz, my lungs full of water.

My friends and I were scuba instructors, and we were doing one of our favorite dives. It was a deep dive, and we knew we were likely to encounter the “big critters”: Hammerhead sharks, possibly even Whale sharks. 

Being experienced divers and good friends, we liked to play practical jokes on each other. 

Shortly after we descended the anchor line to the sandy sea floor one of the guys swam behind another diver, and turned his air off.  This was a joke we routinely...

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The Map Of Smells

A single olfactory note can immediately take me back to a market in Kenya or a small tea shop in Thailand. What else can it do?

The heady perfume of burning frankincense immediately places me in the middle of a souk in Arabia, women in black abayas wandering by as their children run underfoot. The scent lingering in the air, perfuming it and everyone passing through it. The sounds of Arabic and Urdu.

I smell the same note carried on a breeze in Turkey and follow my nose into an Old Bazaar.

In Israel it finds me and beckons me into the Arab areas, beckoning me like an...

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The Billionaire Space Race Isn't

Don’t believe the media hype, it’s not about being first or escaping in a space Yacht-a-Lago. It’s much more than that.

Over 17 years of waiting, dreaming, believing, hard work, disappointments and tragedy culminated in the moment when a Virgin Galactic fully crewed, private spaceship reached space for the first time last Sunday. Space tourism is officially in business


However, many news and social media feeds have since been filled with naysayers and critics, all frothing at the mouth about all the reasons why this “billionaire...

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The Key To Successful Change

My favorite winery sent out an email a few weeks ago, asking for volunteers to help with bottling this year’s releases. 

As a small, family-owned operation the winery relies on a bottling truck to come once or twice a year. The cost of the bottling equipment doesn’t make sense as a purchase that would sit unused outside of bottling time. Never having seen the process, I knew I wanted to meet the team behind this business to whom I happily and regularly hand over cash in exchange for a plentiful supply of organic, additive-free, small-batch...

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Change Is Constant, Struggle Is Optional.

I looked inside the room that the guards are pointing to.

It was empty.

A fold out bed hung down on chains fixed to the far wall. The paint on the walls was once white, but showed its age through the yellowish-beige, not-quite-a color hue. A single bare bulb had been screwed into the ceiling light fixture, and it shone with that slightly blinding glare that always makes you wish for a lampshade or a pair of sunglasses to reduce its sharpness.

The guard motioned for me to go inside.

Clutching my little stuffed killer whale, a souvenir from Sea World, I looked uncertainly...

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Rock N Roll

One, Two, Three, Four….

It’s time.

Here we go.

One foot in entrepreneur land, one foot in corporate. Walking the two paths at once. One, driven by engineering: facts, figures, measurements, preciseness, certainty, knowledge. The other, driven by feeling states: desire, sensing, intuition, space, creativity, rest, playing in uncertainty.

Feeling the pull from my head and my heart/gut. Sometimes they pull in different directions, other times they align perfectly. That’s when the magic happens, that’s when Flow is present.

Oh, Flow. You are the...

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Landscapes, Shifting: A Memory From Africa.

Eyes wide I stared at the mothers and children, bodies glistening in the sun, their nakedness unabashed as they stared back at me.

Where had they come from? I took another look around. As far as the eye could see in every direction there was just the undulating landscape of lava rock and black volcanic sand.

The land looked like it had been tidied by a giant who’d swept up the porous, bubble-filled rocks into tidy piles. Between the piles, a sandy earth. Hardly a thing grew anywhere - barely a plant, barely a blade of grass. The sun beat down in the way it does...

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