On Time Scarcity, 2: Strategic Choices In The Attention Economy

Jan 12, 2021

In this Case Study we will consider the predicament of Sarah*, a software startup company CTO.

Sarah has five direct reports, a team of roughly one hundred and fifty staff under her leadership and looming delivery deadlines.

The company is about to begin its next round of fundraising, so results and deliverables matter more than ever. Sarah is also stepmom to her husband’s kids from a previous marriage, who are teens and in the thick of after-school activities.

Sarah’s workday begins with a series of standup meetings all related to various aspects of the...

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Sliding Out Of 2020 With A Plan

Dec 31, 2020

Hi Anne,

Well, that was a year.

I’m not going to try to recap everything that happened, because frankly most of it went by in a haze.

Without changes in daily routine to mark moments, the whole year seems to have melted into one long “uuuuh…?”

I learned some things.

1. Bread and I have more of a love than hate relationship,

2. I need to spend time in Mother Nature every day to retain my sanity,

3. I love cold water swimming more than I ever thought was possible,


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I've Got You

Dec 02, 2020

“I’ve got you.”

When was the last time someone said this to you in your *professional* life and you knew they meant it?

Meant it, as in: “I’ve got your back whatever happens, you can talk to me about any aspect of what you’re going through, I will not judge you for any of it, and together we’ll figure out what your next moves are because I believe in you and my calling is to enable you to go higher than you thought possible”?

I once had a ski client who had never even seen snow, who after one day of private ski...

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Patterns, and Where They Lead

Sep 20, 2020

I’ve been thinking a lot about patterns of belief lately. What do I mean by belief? Merriam-Webster defines belief as:

1. a state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing

2. something that is accepted, considered to be true, or held as an opinion: something believed an individual's religious or political beliefs especially: a tenet or body of tenets held by a group the beliefs of the Catholic Church

3. conviction of the truth of some statement or the reality of some being or phenomenon especially when based on examination...

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138 Years? Not Patient Enough For That

Aug 04, 2020
One of the many reasons why Virgin Orbit is one of my favorite past employers is their commitment to diversity and transparency in what that they do. I'm thrilled that they published this image that shows how they're addressing gender and race inequity in aerospace. They are leading the charge, but there's still a lot of work to do.
Look at the two blue & white arrows.
The numbers are sobering.
84% of leadership positions in US aerospace are held by men, and 90% of US aerospace senior leadership is white. The situation isn’t much...
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Why Black Lives Matter to Me

Jun 06, 2020

As I’ve become more publicly vocal about my support of #blacklivesmatter my posts have received a lot of commentary from white men which can best be summed up as tone policing.

Social media posts that attacked my use of the term “white privilege”, denied that white fragility exists, accused me of being racist, and of posting performative #blm posts, and calling what I had to say “rhetoric”.

For a couple of days I questioned whether the tone of some of my responses was appropriate for a coach & teacher. I limited the post visibility...

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White in the USA and Scared? Here's What to Do.

May 31, 2020
I had a blog post composed and ready to go, to introduce my next written series and workshops on the topic of resilience.

But before I post that series I have to share the following:
For my Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPoC) readers here in the USA: I am so sorry for your pain. All of it. All the generations of it. You have my support.

For my white readers here in the USA: If you're feeling overwhelmed by the protests, questioning why there is so much anger and/or unsure what to do:

1) Reach out to your BIPoC friends and let them know they have your...
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Launching To Higher Orbit, 2: The Career Boost Program

May 10, 2020

Continuing our case studies from last week: the skills these women learned were not the “power through”, “toughen up” kind of skills that are typical business advice in these situations. In fact, these skills fly in the face of what most business schools would suggest.

They are uniquely suited to women.

They require the use of intuition and felt sense.

They employ the use of power and dominance in a way that speaks to the animal body as opposed to the mind.

And they build the willingness to not only be fully embodied and present in the moment...

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Launching To Higher Orbit, 1: Real World Case Studies

May 03, 2020

My last few articles dealt with some realities of being a woman in the corporate world and the three skills I believe all professional women need and can absolutely learn. Those were: calibrating our internal guidance systems, ally network building and capacity for playing the conflict game.

Today I’m switching it up and sharing with you some examples of what happens when women learn those skills in a Trajectory Boost and put them to use.

First, there’s the author and activist who was struggling to make forward progress on a big project, feeling...

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Controlling Trajectories, 4: Befriending The Conflict Dragon

Apr 26, 2020

See my previous articles on the first and second skills I believe all business women should have access to. Today we'll talk about the third: capacity for the conflict game.

Succeeding in any male-dominated field doesn’t mean having to play as a man would.

It helps to understand the game the men are playing and excel at it. And since the typical male-dominated workplace is one where conflict is a way of establishing hierarchy, to succeed women can build capacity for coming out on top with collaboration and trust. Befriending the dragon, instead of  trying...

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